There can be no health without Mental Health

We are living through a global mental health crisis.

1 in 8 people worldwide - nearly 1 billion - live with a mental health disorder.

Lianna has experienced significant loss in her life, including the death of close friends and loved ones due to illness, accidents, and suicide. This has fuelled her interest in understanding mental health and helping others achieve mental well-being.

In her pursuit to help others live authentically happy lives, Lianna has explored various healing modalities, including hypnotherapy, CBT, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Art Therapy, Colour Therapy, and aromatherapy, in order to create a personalised holistic life coaching program.

Mental Health at the heart of Community Building.

Lianna is an active mental health and human rights advocate and activist. She is a member of the United for Global Mental Health working to lessen mental health suffering worldwide through the prevention, care and treatment of mental ill health and substance-use disorders. She believes it’s equally important to uphold the right of every individual to access mental health and psychosocial support – this is particularly true during emergencies and in large conflict settings.

weekly mental health check-in

Lianna initiated Weekly Mental Health Check-Ins on World Mental Health Day 2021 as a response to the tragic loss of one of her close friends, who had long battled with mental illness. Recognising the absence of secure environments for individuals to express themselves during a time of escalating global mental health concerns, Lianna firmly believes in establishing and nurturing safe spaces. These spaces serve as platforms for individuals to openly share the burdens weighing on their minds and hearts without the fear of judgment, while also fostering a sense of solidarity. 

Since its inception, Lianna’s initiative has provided invaluable assistance to numerous individuals grappling with imposter syndrome, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), burnout, loneliness, and grief. Her dedication to promoting mental health has earned her recognition and respect within the web3 and digital communities. Today, there are daily mental health spaces dedicated to helping communities around the globe.

Join Lianna every Sunday on X Spaces (formerly Twitter) for the Weekly Mental Health Check-In to share how your week has been, what’s taking up headspace and what’s heavy in the heart. The conversations in this Mental Health Check-In are not intended or implied to be a substitute or professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Follow Lianna on X to join her spaces.

“Lianna holds the mental health space every week, rain or shine. I always feel much better after coming out from her room.”
Jigar aka Metavoxels
Metaverse Builder
“You changed my life.”
Brooke Ganster
“Thank you for creating and holding such a healing space.”
Artist & Founder of Art Peace

mental health nfts

Lianna Adams Flowers NFTs for Mental Health

Lianna’s Genesis Collection are digitised derivatives of her acrylic paintings of flowers dedicated to mental health. The 1/1 NFTs are not only created to create awareness around mental health in the NFT space, but also to foster a more compassionate community. 30% of proceeds from each NFT will go towards mental health initiatives for the people on the ground in Afghanistan, and it unlocks mindfulness tips, toolkits that are personalised to the collector.

Lianna Adams-Phoenix Rising NFT

Phoenix Rising collection are 1 of 1 NFTs dedicated to all cancer survivors and their caregivers, and it remains a cause that continues to affect me deeply.

The collection consists of 60-sec animated with audio, 1/1 NFTs derived from an original painting I created while caring for my late husband as he battled late-stage cancer. The original pieces depict the spirit of the determined Phoenix who rises from the ashes, and the intention is to offer strength to all people affected by cance.

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Lianna Adams is an influential leader in the Web3 space, dedicated to fostering a humanity-first culture. She works at the intersection of arts, culture, technology and social impact, and is passionate about using her expertise in connecting the dots to drive growth and innovation for NPOs, NGOs, and Web3|NFT projects, creators and platforms. She is also the founder of Impactful Artistry, a consulting agency unleashing the power of art for social impact and innovation.