"I believe in making a difference in someone’s life.

You not only impact their life, you impact everyone influenced by them throughout their life.”


Lianna Adams' life mission is to make the world a better place, starting with developing and guiding others to reach their true potential to leave a positive impact in their lives and in the world.

Lianna’s career began the moment she realised she wanted to explore life beyond the four walls of a classroom. She left University to pursue a job in broadcast media and communications, where she produced radio and television shows, becoming one of the youngest tv producers of her generation, ultimately becoming a popular on-air personality. This role sent her around the world to interview internationally-recognised entertainers with interesting stories.

Her pursuit of knowledge and adventure led her to leap from television to award-winning events and festivals before packing up to start fresh in London, where she continued to accumulate knowledge, curate her skills and create experiences, opening her to divergent thinking, new ideas and insights. Her unique ability to see patterns and structures took her down the path of producing entertainment content, events, including organising her own art fairs, working with major auction houses and institutions, and internationally acclaimed artists and brands.

Lianna is hardwired by her values and principles, and always find ways to direct her energy and creativity toward helping others, and being a force of good in this word. It was only natural that she would be the driving force behind her esports company, Ultimo Hombre’s global ethical framework using esports events as a platform to develop and innovate solutions for a sustainable social and environmental ecosystem, advocating mental wellbeing while levelling the playing field for gamers with disabilities; being the first gaming company to drive e-waste recycling initiatives to generate awareness on the impact e-waste have on the environment.

However, Lianna’s life took a hard pause and turn from August 2018 when her husband (including co-founder and business partner) was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer which saw her taking up the most important and challenging role she’s ever had to take on – as a caregiver. After her husband passed away six months later, she found herself in the role of the caregiver again – this time for her mother who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer who lost her fight ten months later.

Over the past years, her journey has been centred around cultivating a humanity-first culture within various communities, and connecting the dots to empower change through art, culture, technology and impact. In the Web3/NFT space, she has dedicated more than 18,000 hours to speaking engagements, sharing insights, and fostering engagement within these communities to connect with diverse audiences, sparking meaningful discussions and fostering a deeper understanding of the potential of this technology.

As an advisor to ARTXV, a neurodivergent collective in the Web3 space, Lianna has had the privilege of collaborating with brilliant minds, leveraging the power of NFTs and blockchain to empower marginalised voices and create inclusive opportunities within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, Lianna has served as the Vice President and Curation Lead at The Dream Conduit, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping creatives enter the Web3 space. Through this role, she has championed the mission of empowering artists, ensuring that they have the necessary tools, resources and strategies to thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

One of the most profound experiences for her in the space has been instrumental in creating a blueprint for using blockchain and NFTs to raise funds for humanitarian crises, notably in Afghanistan during the Fall of Kabul – provided access to funds when banks were forced to close by the Taliban. This initiative provided support to over 100 families, ensuring they had access to essential food and healthcare for more than three months including placing 16 girls in private educational institutions within Afghanistan. This experience was not only humbling and inspiring, but also demonstrated the power of technology to create tangible social impact, and how the NFT/Web3 community was galvanised to drive positive change.

As a committed advocate for mental health, Lianna organises weekly mental health check-ins. These sessions, which have been running since October 2021, provided and continues to provide a safe space for the community to candidly express share without fear of judgement to improve their wellbeing.

A speaker at prominent Web3 conferences and events like the World of Metaverse Summit and World Economic Forum at Davos24, Lianna educates others on blockchain’s potential for social impact. Her insightful visions are driven by a deep dedication to using these emerging platforms for positive change. This commitment led to her being named one of the Top 10 Rising Women in Crypto Power List 2023, and the recognition as an influential educator and creator in the Web3 Space by Forbes Web3, Animoca Brands and Open Campus 2024 initiative, OC100.

Collaborating with Lianna is an investment in innovation and growth. Her commitment to positive change in the Web3 space translates into actionable strategies that empower companies, creatives, and artists to not only navigate the evolving landscape but to thrive and leave an enduring mark. Connect with Lianna to embark on a transformative journey, where discovery, empowerment, and innovation converge.


INFJ-A 'The Advocate'


Advocates (INFJs) may be the rarest personality type of all, but they certainly leave their mark on the world. Idealistic and principled, they want to stand up and make a difference. For Advocate personalities, they seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. They want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. Success doesn’t come from money or status but from seeking fulfillment, helping others, and being a force for good in the world. Advocates are conscientious and committed to their values.




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Lianna Adams is an influential leader in the Web3 space, dedicated to fostering a humanity-first culture. She works at the intersection of arts, culture, technology and social impact, and is passionate about using her expertise in connecting the dots to drive growth and innovation for NPOs, NGOs, and Web3|NFT projects, creators and platforms. She is also the founder of Impactful Artistry, a consulting agency unleashing the power of art for social impact and innovation.