Being a curator is not just about discovery of new works... it's a discovery of self and what I can offer in the space of an exhibition - to build bridges.

July 2022
We The Women X TEDxYouth@München ‘REFLECTIONS’ NFT Exhibition

March 2022
We The Women NFT Exhibitions
– THRIVE Group Exhibition
– The Fabric of Women’s Resilience

Unique Network ‘Mintfest’

August 2021
Hands Off Our Girls

October 2015
Dancing Leaves Sculpture Installation at Good Vibes Festival

February 2015
BAFTA, Backstage Exhibition and Auction

June 2014
Unknown Door Exhibition

September 2013
Kate Moss from the collection of Gert Elfering AUCTIOn 

May 2013
Kate Moss from the collection of Gert Elfering, ART13 HK
Photo Art Fair

Horst P. Horst

When I Grow Up Photographic Exhibition and Auction

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Lianna Adams is an influential leader in the Web3 space, dedicated to fostering a humanity-first culture. She works at the intersection of arts, culture, technology and social impact, and is passionate about using her expertise in connecting the dots to drive growth and innovation for NPOs, NGOs, and Web3|NFT projects, creators and platforms. She is also the founder of Impactful Artistry, a consulting agency unleashing the power of art for social impact and innovation.